If you play Sim City 4 this is a must have full featured Launcher! It will let you to play Sim City 4 on a custom resolution, or play in a window while surfing the web or doing other things in the computer.

Have you ever lost hours of progress due to a crash? Forgot to save?

Never loose you progress again, with the auto save feature.

Your game will be automatically saved while playing on a chosen interval.

Play your game in full 1920x1080p on a huge 21" monitor or any other resolution. Play in widescreen resolutions. Play in full-screen or play in a floating window, no more ALT+TAB. Fully configurable.

List of features:

  • Auto Save Feature - automatically save your game progress while playing.
  • Quick saving - no one have time for long waiting dialogs.
  • Save in a customized interval, you can adjust from every minute up to 120 minutes.
  • Log saving events
  • Custom resolution
  • Detect current resolution
  • Color depth
  • Launch game in full-screen or windowed
  • Rendering mode (Software, OpenGL or Software)
  • Background Loading
  • Ability to turn Music and Sound On and Off
  • Option to skip the Introduction videos
  • Game pausing
  • Choose a custom game data directory
  • Change Language
  • Change process priority
  • Feature to change number of logical core used.
  • Browse for the location of the game
  • Auto detect game executable on common directories
  • Specify custom parameters
  • Change between 9 background images
  • Random background
  • Option to exit the launcher when the game is launched
  • Option to reset defaults
  • Auto save settings to INI file
  • No dependencies, single executable.
  • Works on Wine (Linux, Mac OSX...)
  • Auto Updater

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