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Game Dev Story is a game about making games. And as every gamer want to play the best games, let's learn how to make the best games and have a successful business!

This app is a guide, a help for players to get what's best in the game without the need to play for hours. And this was the best way to express how much I like Game Dev Story.

The guide has a lot of usefull information and will become better with time. I will update with more information as time goes and giving you more tools to do better games. How good is it?

- Made using Android Guidelines, simple and intuitive. - Nativelly made! No HTML table ou tiny images that we can't read. - Information about Game Genres, Type, Jobs and the best combinations. - Big table? No problem, because you can SEARCH for the info! This is the best way you can find what you want, I'm sure!

Made by Tsuharesu, Icon by Kiliano and tests by Guma.

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